PLEASE NOTE THAT UPTHEMES.COM HAS PURCHASED CHURCHTHEMES.NET.  They no longer offer a free version of this theme.  If you are looking for a free theme, check out VandeLay Design’s list here.

General Thoughts:

I am reviewing the free version of Antioch that is available at I really like the heart of this company.  They literally give church themes away for free and offer some very low cost options!  While many people have been blessed by their generosity, I have heard multiple complaints (see comment below) that they are not getting much response back from them.   If you have no budget, these themes will work.  I highly recommend that you purchase one of these themes for around $50.  You will get much better service and they will look good on tablets and phones.

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Who This is For:

Someone who is just learning WordPress and wants a simple church theme and doesn’t need any modifications.


Price: You can get it for free, but I would highly suggest that you purchase the theme for $49.  When you do this, the site become responsive (it looks good on all devices).  You also get the lifetime support, automatic updates, and access to their added features (Sermon Media, Online Giving, People Directory, and Location Manager).

Good Instructions Built into WordPress Dashboard: One thing I really like about this theme is all the hints they place in the areas where you modify things in the WordPress Dashboard.  For example, they have the suggested image size in the slider and examples of the social media links.

Slider: This home page slider is very easy to use and has a ton of different options.  You can create an unlimited number of slides and easily rearrange the slide order.  You don’t have to have graphic software to make things look nice.  You can upload an image and set it as the featured image on the slide.  Text can be added to the image by typing in the general slider area.

Home Page Setup: The home page content is easily populated via three different home page widgets and the slider.

Social Media Integration: I love how easy they make it to let people connect to your church presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.


Limited Customization: While you can customize things a little bit, it looks like it would take quite a bit of work.  If you don’t know coding, you will be stuck with the default color scheme.

No Footer Widget Areas: I personally like to put a map, calendar, and an invite to join us for worship in the footer area of every page.  This theme doesn’t allow this at all.  Your only option for the footer is links to social media stuff.

Limited Page Templates: This theme uses a sidebar layout.  This is your only page layout option.  While this works, I wish they would have allowed other page template options.

Comments: I personally don’t like the comments at the bottom of the page because it gives the appearance of a blog rather than a professional site.  I couldn’t figure out how to turn them off.

Narrow Top Menu Navigation: Because the navigation is by the logo, the width of this is smaller than the other menus in the family.

Theme Upgrade Options:

As I stated above, I really recommend that you purchase a standard edition instead of the free one.  Here is what you get for $29 

After upgrading, you’ll enjoy premium features like…

  • ✓ Free and automatic theme updates.
  • ✓ Accept tithes and offerings online via PayPal or EasyTithe.
  • ✓ Publish and manage sermon media with ease.
  • ✓ Directly embed YouTube or Vimeo videos of your sermons.
  • ✓ A fully searchable library of your sermon media.
  • ✓ Publish your sermons as an audio podcast in iTunes.
  • ✓ Directories for staff, pastors, & small group leaders.

**I realize that the reviews for all the are very similar.  This is because they have similar features.

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I have an affiliate relationship with & If you click here to purchase via my affiliate link and email me a copy of the receipt with the same contact information, I will email you a starter website package the includes 10 common pages used by churches with all my recommended plugins preinstalled.


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