Easter is the most highly-attended worship service of the year.  It is a great time to invite new guests to your church.  Here are some of the best resources to help your congregation members spread the word about your events!

Church Easter Publicity Resource Guides:

These resources give you some great tips on how and when you should promote your Easter events.

Ways to Empower Your Congregation to Spread the News:

These are some practical examples of how others are empowering their congregations to share about their Easter events.  The goal is to remind people how easy it is for them to spread the word about events on social media and invite their friends and family members!

Other Practical Methods To Promote Easter

Social media isn’t the only way to promote your Easter event.  Here are a few other ways that you can spread the word about your events.

Easter Images:

Here are some premium and free Easter images you can use on your promotional material!

Don’t forget to include Easter’s date on your promotional material!

One more piece of advice.  Unlike Christmas, the date of Easter changes every year.  Because of this, it is best to assume that people do not know when Easter is and make sure you include the date somewhere on your promotional material!


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