General Thoughts:

The Evangelist theme is the first church specific theme created by ThemeFuse designers.  This theme’s best feature is its calendar integration.  It’s extensive use of short codes gives advanced designers a lot of flexibility.  These short codes might be a bit intimidating for beginner WordPress users.

Who This is For:

 Because of the heavy use of shortcakes, we think that the Evangelist theme is probably best suited for more advanced WordPress users or beginners who are not afraid to learn how to use these simple codes.


Prominent Calendar on Home Page: One thing I really like about this theme is how prominent the calendar is.  It is built into the top of the home page and automatically updates which means so your upcoming events are featured very well.
Lots of features built in for church: The Evangelist theme is built with churches in mind.  It has a number of features
  • Announcements:  They have a separate area to list announcements that appear on your home page.
  • Reservations Form: If you rent out your building, you may like the reservations form.  This is the only church theme that I am aware oft he incorporates this feature.
  • Built in Media Features: This theme makes it very easy to ad sermons, videos with their media section.  Most of it is pretty intuitive.  I wish they had better instructions for this section for beginners.
Footer Options: Evangelist includes easy to use footer social media options. These are critical for churches today.
Easy Demo Installation: One thing I really appreciated is that this theme includes a script in their installation package that automatically sets up the theme like the demo you see on the website. It also creates a child theme as a part of the installation process. Child themes are the safest way to save all your settings.
Price: At $55 for lifetime support, Evangelist is one of the cheapest church theme options on the market today.


Poor Instructions: ThemeFuse provides nice simple instructions for the components that are part of their Fuse Framework. This Framework is the backbone of each of their themes. However, I found their instructions for Evangelist’s church specific features a lacking. I was disappointed that were no specific instructions on how to set up your homepage or incorporate sermon media files. Their support made up for this. When I contacted them, they answered my questions with in a few hours. They sent a screencast video that showed me exactly what I needed to do. While this was helpful, I prefer have more material at my finger tips so I can hunt things down immediately.
Team Members: There is a built in team member section. This is a nice feature, but it is lacking. It only allows you to put and image for this person. There is no way of adding any bio info about them. This limits the appeal for me because first time visitors like to learn about your staff members before they visit.

Neutral Things to be Aware of:

Extensive use of short codes: The Evangelist theme uses short codes (small snippets of code) to lay out the majority of the home page. While this is handy for advanced WordPress users because it provides a lot of flexibility, I think it make set up more difficult for beginner WordPress users.

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 I have an affiliate relationship with ThemesFuse.com. If you click here to purchase via my affiliate link, you get the best available prices and I get a small referral fee.  However, I only recommend this theme because I have used it and I love it. If you are creating a new site, save time and energy and grab our FREE church website starter kit!

Brad started ChurchWP.net in 2013 to help churches get online with WordPress. He is a pastor and also operates a web design agency called Frugal Fox Design.