General Thoughts:

The Genesis Outreach theme by Studio Press is a great theme.  The new style of the Outreach Pro should work great for all kinds of churches (contemporary, traditional, urban, and rural).  Genesis themes are super fast to load.  

Who This is For:

I would recommend the Genesis Outreach Theme to anyone, from a beginner to advanced WordPress user.  If you have any questions, you can always ask the Genesis support staff (they have been really great to me!).


Price: You can get a quality, professional-looking theme (Genesis Framework is included) for $100, with lifetime support.  It is cheaper if you already own another Genesis theme because you own the framework.  I realize that this is on the high end of the ones that we recommend.

Great Responsive Format: I really like how this theme looks on tablets and cell phones.  Its responsive feature is built in and doesn’t require any work.

Great Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The reason I went with Genesis’ Outreach Theme is because StudioPress is known for well-written code that search engines love.  Search Engine Optimization is really important, because you  want people to find you!

Fast Load Time: All the themes that run on StudioPress’s Genesis Framework are know for fast loading pages.  Outreach definitely delivers.

Great Support: There isn’t a knowledge base where you can search for answers, but you get really quick responses to the questions you ask via their help center.  What I appreciate about them is that they don’t consider any question too small to answer.

Footer and Sidebar Design Options:  Looking for a theme that is flexible in the way you use it?  Outreach is a great option.  You can choose from full width and multiple sidebar layouts.  There are four column footer widgets as well.

Column Page Layout Options: The Genesis Framework and Outreach theme allow you to lay out your page with a variety of different columns (2, 3, 4, and 5).  The easiest way to do this is to use one of their column plugins.  I prefer Genesis Style Shortcodes or the Genesis Easy Columns plugins.

Home Page Set Up: The Genesis Outreach theme is really easy to populate.  This is done via multiple home widgets.

6 Layout Options: There are six different page layouts to make creating your site easier.

Social Media Integration:  I love how easy they make it to let people connect to your church presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.


5 Color Customization:  The one knock I have on this theme is the limited colors to choose from.  Others at this price point have unlimited colors.  The Outreach theme has five color options to choose from (if you don’t want to get into the code to change it).

Neutral Things to be Aware of:

2-Step Install: Because the theme is built on the Genesis framework, you have to install the framework first and then the Outreach theme.  This is very minor, so I even hesitate mentioning it, but it might trip people up.

Plugin-dependent:  The Genesis theme is designed to be nimble.  This means that some of the features that are built into the other themes are automatically included in this theme.  This is no big deal because you can easily find Genesis plugins to make this work.  It does make the initial set up a little bit more complicated, though.  A future post from me will be a list of recommended Genesis plugins.

Slider: I didn’t really like the Genesis responsive slider plugin.  Changing the slide image order seems a bit cumbersome.  Because of this, I have started to use a Silloquy as my slider.  There is a free and a paid option.

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If you bought this theme, please help others make a wise decision and share what you think are the pros and cons in the comment sections as well!

[gss-content-box color=”yellow”] I have an affiliate relationship with  StudioPress. If you click here to purchase via my affiliate link , you get the best available prices and I get a small referral fee.  However, I only recommend this theme because I have used it and I love it.[/gss-content-box]

Here are some more screenshots of this theme!


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