If you haven’t heard of the term responsive web design, you probably aren’t alone.  However, it should be a term you are familiar with if you are responsible for any website.

The term “responsive website design” refers to sites that are designed to look good on all the new devices.  In the past, everyone only looked at your website on a computer.  This means that you could design your site to look good on it.  Now people look at your site on tablets and smart phones.  Their screen has a different width and aspect ratio (height to length ratio).  If your site is only designed to look good on a computer, it can be cumbersome to look at on your phone–some photos may not load, links may not work, or people may great frustrated because they have to scroll so much.

The stats are showing that more and more people are viewing websites on mobile device and phones.  This aspect of your website design is very important.

This may seem overwhelming.  Let me assure you it shouldn’t be.  All of the WordPress themes that we recommend use responsive designs.  If you want to save money and do your own web design like we do, this can be easy as well.

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