General Thoughts:

The Kergyma theme is a really good WordPress full width theme for churches.  It is one of the most customizable themes out there today.  It also has many features that churches need to create a great website.     Organized Theme has a heart for churches and pastors.  Its founder, Bill Robbins, is a former full-time pastor. Click here to read an interview I did with him.

Who This is For:

I highly recommend Organized Themes’ Kerygma Church theme for any church that uses WordPress to create their site.  It is simple enough that a beginner could use it to create a new site.   WordPress designers will appreciate all of the customized options too.   Organized Themes also provides great documentation and support.


Price: You can get a quality, professional-looking church WordPress theme for $59 with lifetime support.  This is a great price for an amazing theme.  The best part is they often have a “buy one theme get a second free” sale, which offers even better value.

Hero Section:  This section is built into every page of the Kergyma theme.  If you use the Hero section,  the featured image is automatically added on the top of the page.  You can chose how tall you want the image to be.  The Hero section contains a title and caption area.  The info you add appear on top of the image.  This allows you to create a professional looking site without photo editing software.

Completely Customizable:  The Kergyma offers the most customization of any theme I have used.  You can modify any part of the design through it’s Theme Options (from the Appearance Menu).   You can also change individual page text color options through its Hero section.  It is connected to Google Fonts, which gives you a variety of font options as well.

Flexible Home Page Design: The Kergyma theme uses the Hero section on the home page to create the top half of the page.  The bottom half is filled via the Home page widget.  This allows you to customize what you want to appear on on your home page.  There are a ton of different widgets to ad (Facebook posts, map, sermons, welcome section, etc).

Parallax Scrolling: Parallax scrolling is a trend that is growing in some web design circles.  Kerygma is one of the few church themes that incorporate it into their design.

Great Support & Tutorial: Organized Themes provides some of the best support out there.  Their step-by-step instructions that are very detailed and easy to follow.  I like that they have forum in the support section where you post questions and search others’ questions and answers.   This saves a ton of time.  It is similar to the help I have experienced with the Elegant Themes forum.

Great Responsive Format: This theme looks great on tablets and cell phones.  This feature is built in and doesn’t require any work.

Retina Display ready: This theme is designed to look good on newer, high-end devices that have high pixel density.

Built-in Church Components: The Kerygma theme is designed for churches.  The setup is very intuitive to use.  It has things like sermons and staff profiles built into it.  This can be a plus for new beginners.

Robust Podcasting: This theme was design to promote your church sermons and sermon series.  There are multiple sermon page templates that support audio and video podcasting.  The best part is you can host your own videos or use a service like YouTube or Vimeo..

Staff Profiles: Organized Themes has offers a simple setups for staff pages and profiles.  You create a profile with the information you want for each staff member.  Create and assign a staff page and it will automatically populate the information for you.

Good Load Time: The Kergyma theme loads really quickly if you have your images optimized.

Social Media: The Kergyma theme makes it easy to add social media icons in the footer of every page.


One Sidebar Options: The biggest issue I have with this theme is that is only has one built in sidebar widget.  Many of the other Organized themes have multiple sidebars that match up with the different page templates.  This allows you to promote certain things on the different pages.

Neutral Things to be Aware of:

Home Page Designation: Organized Themes has created the Kerygma theme to use a static home page.  This means that you have to assign which page you want to use as this page in the customization section.  You then need to make sure you use the home template on that particular page to have the widgets appear on the page.  This is a great way to do it, and a lot of companies do the same thing because it offers a ton of flexibility.  It is slightly different than the default homepage and built in template that some design companies use.

No Footer Widgets: The Kergyma theme is a full width theme.  You can type info into the footer, but there are not widgets for maps or upcoming events.   I think they could increase the flexibility of this theme by adding footer widgets too.  I personally like to use footer widgets to add the same info on the bottom of each page.

Column Page Layout Options: I personally like to create pages with multiple columns in the main page area.  The Kergyma theme does not have a plugin or short code to allow you to do this.   Some of the general WordPress themes we have reviewed allow you to do this  (Elegant Themes or Genesis Framework).  I think developing something like this, would add even more design flexibility to their great theme!

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If you use this theme, please share your pros and cons in the comment section too!

[gss-content-box color=”yellow”]I have an affiliate relationship with Organized Themes.  If you click here to purchase via my affiliate link and email me a copy of the receipt with the same contact information, I will email you a church starter website package the includes 10 common pages used by churches with all my recommended plugins preinstalled.[/gss-content-box]


Here is a screen shot of the Kerygma Theme


Brad started in 2013 to help churches get online with WordPress. He is a pastor and also operates a web design agency called Frugal Fox Design.