There is nothing more frustrating than a slow loading website.  If your site is running a little slower, you will want to check out the P3 Plugin.    It is a free.  You can down load here it here.

The P3 stands for Plugin Performance Profiler.  This is exactly what GoDaddy designed this plugin to do.  Having too many plugins installed can bloat the amount of code that has to be processed.  This can slow down your site.  This plugin is records your page load time.  It cranks out a report that attributes a percentage to the load time to the installed plugin.   Using the P3 plugin can help you narrow down which plugins might be slowing your site down.

The P3 plugin can also help you chose between multiple plugins that accomplish the same thing.   You can do this by installing one plugin and running a P3 test and then delete it and then install the second option and run another test.

It is definitely worth your time to run these tests to help keep your site running as quickly as possible.  Fast load times can increase your search rankings and web traffic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One word of warning, I did find that using this plugin did stop my youtube videos from displaying in posts.  If you have a lot of videos, you may want to run the test, get the results that you need and then deactivate it.


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