Hosting is required to create a new website. Hosting is basically a set of computers that are connected with the internet that store your website files. Below are the three companies we recommend! If you are creating a new site, we offer a starter website for free! Just sign up here to become a member.

I currently use A2 Hosting for the majority of my sites.  I have used JustHost and BlueHost and my friends love DreamHost (see the free non-profit option below). All these companies are highly recommended by WordPress.

A2 Hosting offers really professional services for a really great price. I have recently switched the majority of my sites to them because they were highly recommend by other web designers. I feel like their support and quality of servers is a bit better than those of EIG (JustHost and BlueHost). You still get a low monthly price. Click here to check out their current specials.
Cloudways offers a different style of hosting than the others on the list. It is called Cloud Hosting, which allows unlimited number of machines to act as one system. The benefit is where as other hosting solutions (shared or dedicated) depend on one machine only, cloud hosting security is guaranteed by many servers. Clients also access computers closest to them which increases speeds. I have started to use it for my church website and saw improved speeds. I use the $5 a month Digital Ocean package and it works great. With CloudWays, you get dedicated RAM to your site. If you are used to a CPanel host, their backend might take a bit to get used to and email is an add on feature, but their free website migration tool works great and makes converting hosts easy!

DreamHost offers a free hosting option for 501(c)(3). Click here for more info. It is a great option for most smaller or medium-sized churches that only need one domain. There are some restrictions. You can only use LiveChat support (no phone support). Right now, you can only upload files smaller than 7 MB into the WordPress media library (BlueHost allows 24 MB). This means you will probably have to use an FTP program like FileZilla to upload their sermons audio or video files to your host server. You can use the free Add from Server plugin to add these larger files to the WordPress Media library (Some sermon plugins require sermons files to be added to this library to work properly). This requires an extra step of work, but you can’t beat the price!

Larger churches or ones with multiple ministry website domains should look at DreamHost as well. They offer unlimited domains, bandwidth, storage, and emails for good price. DreamHost seems to run the most specials, so their prices vary more than some others. Click here check out their site to see current prices. If you use the promo code FRUGALFOX, you can save $50 on your purchase! Click here to learn more!

Baptist Host is a distinctly Christian (not just for Baptists!) web hosting company with over 10 years of experience hosting websites. With this combination, you can have your very own self-hosted WordPress blog with your own domain. They offer unlimited hosting for $10 a month or $100 a year and offer some great benefits like free premium themes, plugins, your own domain name, and more! Want to support a Christian company? Click here to check them out today!
The hosting companies mentioned so far will work for 99% of churches. However, if you are a larger church and get thousands of page views a month, or if you have bigger budget, I highly recommend WP Engine. They are quite a bit more expensive than the others; their lowest plan starts at $29.99 a month. WP Engine is designed for WordPress. It’s one the fastest and most secure WordPress hosting companies out there.
If you want to see what other churches are using, did a hosting survey that you can read here.

Creating a new site? Learn more about WordPress via our WordPress 101 Tutorial Page. We have links to WordPress Theme Reviews, Plugin Recommendations, and more!

I have an affiliate relationship with all of these companies. If you found this tutorial helpful, you can support this site at no cost to you by purchasing hosting via the links in the text above. Thanks!.

Brad started in 2013 to help churches get online with WordPress. He is a pastor and also operates a web design agency called Frugal Fox Design.