There are a ton of different map plugins out there.  Map plugins are an easy way for you to add a map to your church website.  Here are a few of my favorite free Google Map Plugins.

Google Maps Widget Web factory Ltd:


I love this free plugin.  I use it to create a Google map in the footers of my websites.  It has a a great, easy-to-use widget that you use to create a configurable, single-image, super-fast-loading Google map.  When a visitor clicks on it, a larger map opens up.  This larger map has all the usual features such as zoom and pan. Both maps can be fully adjusted in size and appearance to fit any site and design.

Watch a Video Overview of the Widget:

I love this free plugin by Pippin Williamson. I use it to create a Google map on my pages and posts. This plugin will enable a simple short code that you can use for embedding Google maps in any WordPress post or page. The short code uses the WordPress HTTPS API and theTransients API for delivering cached maps with little to no impact on your site’s performance.

The one knock I have on it is that its documentation is pretty weak. Here is the short code that I use to insert maps into my pages.

[pw_map address=”Your street, ST, Zip Code” width=”100%” height=”400px”]

Here are the main three components I use in the short code:

  • address=”Your street, ST, Zip Code”
  • width=”100%” I use a percentage so it automatically resizes to fit the entire screen. You can also use pixels, as shown below
  • height=”400px”

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