General Thoughts:

The Resurrect Theme by  is a great theme.  It is probably one of my favorite themes out there that is designed specifically for churches.  It is easy to set up and very customizable.  You are able to add a unique background image, which creates a very fitting web presence for all styles of churches (traditional and contemporary churches, rural and urban and everything in between).  I also love the heart of  You can sense that they take pride in what they do and have a desire to serve the church!  Click here to read an interview I did with its founder, Steven Gliebe.

Who This is For:

I highly recommend’s Resurrect theme for any church that uses WordPress to create their site.  It is simple enough that a beginner can use it to create a new site, but also contains customization features that more experienced WordPress designers will appreciate too. offers some of the best setup documentation I have seen.  They also provide email support for you to get answers to specific questions.


Price: You can get this quality, professional-looking church WordPress theme for $79.  This provides one year’s worth of free support.  However, you can extend your support and continue to get automatic updates of Resurrect for half price each year after that.  This is a very reasonable price for what you get with this amazing WordPress theme!

Custom Background Image: The Resurrect WordPress theme allows you to place an image as the background of your website.  You can use the default or add your own.  If you don’t want an image, you have that option and can use any specified color.

Great Responsive Format: I really like how this theme looks on tablets and cell phones.  This feature is built in and doesn’t require any work.

Great Support & Tutorial: provides some of the best tutorials of any theme I have used.  They are detailed and have step-by-step instructions that are very easy to follow.  I also like that Resurrect has built-in instructions on the site that explain where to find things.  For instance, the sidebar widgets automatically tell you were to find the particular area you want to edit.  Each of the widgets list the recommended image size right next to the spot where you upload the image.  I really appreciate these little things because it reduces the amount of time you have to spend creating your new site.

Flexible Home Page Slider: I really like how flexible the home page slider is.  You can add any number of slides (images and videos) and control how fast they rotate.  The best part is how easy it is to create a title and description to go over top of an image.  This is all done via the Home Slider widget.  All you have to do is upload an image (you should trim it to the recommended dimensions via WordPress editor) and type the words you want to appear above it and the url you want it to point to.  You have a professional-looking slide!

Banner Feature: Not everyone has access to a graphic designer that can create stunning images. realizes this.  They have created a unique feature that allows you to insert image banners into pages.  You just upload a featured image and enter the text you want to appear above it.  The style format is the same as your home page slider and other images.  This allows non-techie folks to create very professional sites in minutes!

Social Media Integration: I love how they have integrated social media into their design.  Icons are found in the header and footer areas which let people know that your church has a presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc!  They have a social media section in their customizable menu that makes it easy to set up and manage all your connections.

Two Line Menu: I also appreciate the two line menu option.  This is one of the few themes I have seen this design feature incorporated!  A two line menu allows you to put more info about each menu selection, which helps people figure out where they need to go to get the info they want.  The Resurrect church WordPress theme makes it easy to modify, as all this is added in the menu section.

Church-related Page Templates: There is no doubt that Resurrect is created for churches.  They have 10 page templates to make page creation simpler, and they are all geared towards churches (sermons, events, people, blog, etc.).  Templates save you a ton of time when creating a new site.

Sidebar Options: One feature I really like about this theme is that it has different sidebar widgets for different categories of pages.  These categories correspond with the church-related page templates.  This means that you can place different things on the sides of pages that were created with these page templates.  This allows you to automatically put a list of all your recent sermon series in the sidebar of all the sermon pages and at the same time put a list of upcoming events or info about your worship service next to all your staff bio or ministry pages.

Church Theme Content Plugin: The Resurrect theme is designed to work with the free Church Theme Content Plugin.  This plugin adds a number of features: events, sermons, staff, and more.  Because it is designed by, it is very easy to incorporate these components into your website.  Read more about it here.

Fast Load Time: The Resurrect theme is designed with minimal code, which helps speed up load time.  This helps visitor engagement and search engine optimization.


More General Color Options: A minor complaint I have with the Resurrect Theme is that it does not allow for a ton of colorization when it comes to the fonts and header area.  It offers two options: light and dark.  They are very adequate and should work for 95% of the users. These two formats show off images really well and work with all kinds of background images.   If you are part of the other 5% like me and would like to be able to customize everything, you will have learn how to modify a style.css if you want to change the color settings of hyperlinks, menu background colors, etc.  This can be done, you just may have to learn a little code.

One Home Page Bottom Widget: The other potential negative feature is the Home Page Bottom widget area.’s Resurrect theme allows you to add a variety of different info on the bottom of your home page by adding different widgets to the Home Page bottom area.  I like how easy it is to do this.  However, my complaint is that everything is placed in one widget area.  The Resurrect Theme has built-in code that then determines which column the info should go in depending on the order you place it in and the height of the object.  It took a little bit to figure this out. I personally think it would be easier if they had incorporated a different Home Page Bottom Area for each column so that I can assign each piece of information where I want it to go.

Church Theme Plugin Events do not Sync: Another thing to be aware of is that the Church Themes plugin does not currently sync with Google Calendar or Facebook events.  Many churches use these to promote events or share information.  While this isn’t a deal-breaker by any stretch, it does mean that you may have to either look at a different calendar plugin that accomplishes these tasks or assign someone to updating the info in multiple locations.  Their new premium ($29) recurring events plugin now allows you to create recurring events in their calendar system.

Neutral Things to be Aware of:

Home Page Designation: has created the Resurrect theme to use a static home page.  You have to assign which page you want to use as this page in the customization section.  You then need to make sure you use the the home page template on that particular page to use all of the tools they have created for it.  This is a fine way to do it and it offers a ton of flexibility.  However, it is slightly different than the default homepage and built-in templates that other design companies use.  The documentation clearly tells you how to do this; it is just something to be aware of when you create your first site.

No Footer Widgets:  The Resurrect Theme layout relies heavily on sidebar widgets to communicate information.  I really like the look of this.  However, I think they could increase the flexibility of this design even more if they used footer widgets.  I personally like to use footer widgets to add the same info on the bottom of each page.

Column Page Layout Options: I personally like to create pages with multiple columns in the main page area.  Resurrect does not have a plugin or short code to allow you to do this (like Elegant Themes or Genesis Framework).  They do this because they use the sidebars to create a similar feel.  I wish that they would incorporate something like this, because I think it would add even more flexibility to their great theme!

Watch our 20 minute introductory video that shows you how to modify the home page and highlights some of Resurrects features!

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Here is a  screen shot of the Resurrect Theme Home Page.


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