We recommend that every church record their sermons and post them online.  To help you do this, we have created a list of our favorite sermon plugins.  We also have some step by step to tutorials on how to create a podcast.  Online sermons and podcasts are a great way for regular attenders to share meaningful sermons or listen to ones they may have missed.  It is also a great way for first time guests to get a feel for what to expect if they attend your service.  I have personally found that most Christians who are looking for a new church and interested in visiting your church will listen to one sermon before they attend a service.

 One areas that most people don’t think about is what they should name their files.

Here is a list of best practices.

  • Use only letters, number, hyphens or dashes in your file names.  See our list of things to avoid below.
  • Standard Naming Format.  We suggest that you use a standard naming format for your sermons rather than using the sermon title.  Here are three different conventions you could use.
    •  Your church name and sermon date (Ex. ChurchName2014-04-20.mp3).
    • The first verse of the passage and year (Ex. Ephesians2-1_2014.mp3).  People usually search for sermons on a particular topic or passage.  Using the passage in your file name makes it easier to find them.  I suggest you use the year in case you preach the passage more than once.

I suggest avoiding:

  • Spaces in the file name.  Make sure you don’t have any spaces in your file name (Ex. hope for Christ.mp3).  You are better off using capital letters to separate the words but smash them all together (Ex HopeForChrist.mp3).  Spaces don’t usually cause issues on your personal computer,  but different browsers deal with spaces in file names differently.  Using spaces can cause sometimes cause issues, so it is best to avoid them.
  • Use parenthesis in the file name.  I don’t recommend using parenthesis in your file name (Ex. HopeForChrist(3).mp3) because I have seen them cause issues with podcasting. The mp3 file does not get enclosed properly so the podcast does not get automatically updated.

Here are some other sites that give you podcast naming tips: