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Want to easily add sermon audio or video files to your website?  Here is a list of some of the best free and premium WordPress sermon plugins that will help you do this!  They are much easier to use than you think!

Sermon Manager:

Sermon Manager helps churches easily publish sermons online. If you are looking for a WordPress sermon plugin, then you’ve come to the right place! You can add speakers, sermon series, Bible references, etc. Sermons can have multiples files (mp3, doc, pdf) added to them. Video embeds from sites like Vimeo are also possible. They recently came out with a plugin that allows you to import your MP3 files of your older sermons. This saves you a lot of time and energy!


  • Full podcasting to publish your sermons to iTunes
  • Add audio, video, pdf, and more to each sermon
  • Organize sermons by speaker, series, and topic
  • HTML5 audio player works on mobile devices (Android, iOS, etc)

One cool thing about Sermon Manager is that they do offer support for their free plugin for a $30 fee. You can sign up for the support here. One thing to be aware of: in order for the podcast feed to work, you need to have at least one post (not just pages) on your site. This kickstarts WordPress’s built in RSS feed, which drives the podcast feed.

Here is a short video tutorial about it:

The Sermon Browser WordPress Plugin allows churches to simply upload sermons to their website, where they can be searched, listened to, and downloaded. It is easy to use with comprehensive help and tutorials, and it is used on hundreds of church websites. However, please note this plugin has not gone through any major revisions in quite some time. There has been talk of a second version in the works, but it hasn’t happened in quite some time.


  • Store thousands of sermons, and search them by topic, preacher, bible passage or date
  • Full podcasting capabilities, including custom podcasts for individual users
  • Sermons uploaded in mp3 format can be played directly on your website using the WordPress 3.6 built-in player or your choice of WordPress MP3 plugins (including MediaElement.js)
  • Three optional sidebar widgets can display sermons on all of your posts or pages
  • Embed videos and other flash files from sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, using either HTML code provided by those sites or shortcode provided by a WordPress plugin
  • Other file types can also be uploaded, including PDF, PowerPoint, Word, text and RTF. Multiple files can be attached to single sermons
  • The full Bible text of the passage being preached on can be included on each sermon page (eight English-language versions including ESV and NET, plus Spanish, Russian and Romanian)
  • Files can be uploaded to your own site through the browser or via FTP. Alternatively, you can use free audio hosting sites
  • Details about each sermon can be added automatically from the MP3’s ID3 tags
  • Powerful templating function allows complete customisation to complement the look of your site

Here is a short video tutorial about it:

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Paid (Premium) Sermon Plugins:

WP Sermons

WP Sermons WordPress Plugin

WP Sermons is a promising new WordPress plugin that is under development. Visit the website to see all the features that are planned. This plugin is being made by the makers of It promises to mesh seamlessly with virtually any theme and cover everything from archives to podcasting to live streaming with extra like automatic import/publish and non-sermon archives (think Bible studies, Sunday School recordings, worship sessions, testimonies and devotions, etc.).

Disclosure: WP Sermons, LLC acquired in 2021.

SeriesEngine: Price $99

  • Use the video you already have! Series Engine is built to use simple embed codes from Vimeo, YouTube, and just about any other video hosting service.
  • The Series Engine media browser automatically creates buttons to share your content through Facebook, Twitter, email, and more.
  • Series Engine makes things easy to find by including simple options for your audience to explore other Series, Topics, Speakers, and Messages.
  • Series Engine makes it easy to create any number of custom podcasts using the content you’ve already entered.
  • Series Engine includes special code that gracefully downsizes your media for smaller screens (in most themes with a mobile view).
  • The custom embed code generator allows you to post specific Messages, Series, Speakers, or Topics within any page or post.

Here is a video introduction:

Got another option you recommend? Contact me and let me know why other should consider it!

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