General Thoughts:

The Uplifted WordPress Theme is designed by (They recently purchased  It has a beautifully laid home page with a full width slider design.  It is created on framework and uses different plugins to populate the church specific information  (sermons, events, staff, etc.).  This theme is very customizable, so it would be a good design choice for any church.  To learn more about the folks behind this theme, you can read our designer interview with Caleb Sylvest of

Who This is For: tries to make this theme easy for beginner users.  You can download a zip file.  When you install it, your website will look like the demo.  This is very handy for beginners because it contains different page options.  Beginner users can then modify these features to incorporate them into their own website.  Personally, I think that intermediate WordPress users are the best fit for this theme because they will appreciate that that the uplifted theme uses the MP Stacks plugin to create different page layouts.  


Price: The uplifted theme costs $125.  This is a bit more expensive than some of the other church themes we recommend.  It is still very budget friendly and a good overall value.

Responsive Format: The uplifted theme has a responsive design so it looks like good on phones and tablets.

Flexible Home Page Slider:   The full width slides are generated with a home slide widget.  This allows you to create unlimited slides from images or videos that you import via the media library.  You can easily add titles and descriptions via the widget.  They are automatically placed on top of the images.

Custom Colors:  Uplifted themes allows you to chose from a variety of predefined color schemes.  You can also modify the color of four different parts of the website (headers, footers, background colors, etc.).

Church-related Page Templates:  This theme is based on the Church Themes Framework.  It allows you to set up different types of pages to suite a church’s needs (sermons, events, people, blog, etc.).  The uplifted theme automatically incorporates different sidebar widgets into each of these church pages templates.  This allows you to tailor the information you want on different types of pages.

Footer Widget:  The uplifted theme incorporates footer widgets into its design.  I personally like footers and use them on most of my designs because they allow you to place important information on the bottom of every page.

Third Party Plugins:  The Modern Tribe calendar and MP stacks are two premium plugins that are incorporated into the uplifted theme.  The calendar plugin is one of the best out there and provides a ton of useful calendar events and page layout options (full month, list of events, etc.).   The MP Stacks plugin allows users to create different column layouts on individual pages.  This lets you customize things a bit more.


MP Stacks: While the MP Stacks is a nice feature because it allows you to create different columns in the pages,  I found it a little bit cumbersome to work with.  It doesn’t have as many options (text, images, etc.) as some of the other themes I have used (Divi) with similar built in custom column features.

Page Images: Many of the new themes incorporate the featured image on the top of the page and automatically add the page name text on top of it.  This creates a very unified look.  Uplifted does not have this feature.  Folks with good photo editing software won’t mind because they can easily create these types of images themselves.  Basic WordPress users may miss this feature.

Neutral Things to be Aware of:

Home Page Designation: The uplifted theme is designed to use a static home page.  You have to create a home page, set the template to home page template option and assign it in the customization section.  This is one of the two different options theme companies use for creating home pages.  The others use built-in templates.  Both are viable options based on preference rather than function.

Watch A Quick Intro and Review of This Theme:

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 I have an affiliate relationship with If you click here to purchase via my affiliate link, you get the best available prices and I get a small referral fee.  However, I only recommend this theme because I have used it and I love it. If you are creating a new site, save time and energy and grab our FREE church website starter kit!

Here are some images of the uplifted theme!


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