Here at we are alway looking for the best resources to help churches do things better.  One question we get asked every so often is, do you know of any great worship planning tools?  One of our favorites is  It is a very low cost tool that boasts a powerful set of worship planning resources.  Click here to learn more about its creator, Jason Silver in our designer interview series.

Worship Planning:

Service Builder is a full featured worship planning cloud based (online) tool.   This means that all your different worship planners can have easy access to this tool everywhere they have an internet connection.

I think the most powerful feature of ServiceBuilder is the worship planning section.  The first step is to create your own database of songs that you sing.  Most of the contemporary praise songs are already in the Service Builder database.  You just need to search for them and add them to your repertoire.  If your church uses a hymnal, chances is are they have all those songs too since they have 100 of the most popular hymnals.  If your song isn’t available, you can create your own entry.  You can add any new songs you want to sing anytime.   You can link to chord sheets, MP3’s and youtube videos to each song so that it is easier for your band members practice that week’s set list.

Every week, worship leaders can create their order of worship. You can save different service layout templates that can include all kinds of elements (songs, video clips, reading, prayers, etc). A volunteer can be assigned to each element in the service and worship planners can type special notes about each element too. We use it to record which verses we are singing. There is also general service comment section that allows you to type general notes about the service. Our pastor puts the sermon passage, its theme and anything else special about the service each week so worship leaders can plan around it. This worship order cue sheet can be printed off or emailed to al the volunteers who are participating the service. automatically tracks what songs you have used, which makes reporting to CCLI a breeze. It also has some pretty awesome features that allow worship leaders to look at what songs have been sung recently and which haven’t been used in awhile to make sure you aren’t getting into a rut. This has really helped our church’s multiple worship leaders be mindful of what the others have done and are doing.

Volunteer Management: is not just a worship planning tool. It is also a volunteer management system that allows multiple people to create schedules. You create a church volunteer database and assign each person to multiple roles. You can create a schedule for all aspect of your church service (band members, greeters, readers, nursery help, teachers, etc) each week. If you subscribe to one of the premium editions, ServiceBuilder can automatically notify them by email or text the week they are serving and they can import their own service calendar into their calendars.

Final Thoughts:

I can’t recommend enough.  Planning Center Online is definitely one of the most popular worship planning tools.  It is an awesome tool, but you pay quite a bit for it. seems to offer everything my church has needed for years at a fraction of cost.

Click here to learn more about or watch this five minute video:

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