The WP plugin can improve your site load time!


More and more people are looking at your website via their mobile devices.  This means that having an optimized image file size is becoming increasingly important.  There is a great plugin that every church should install on their WordPress website–it’s called WP

WP is created by WPMU DEV. does not change the pixel size, so if your image is 700 px x 300 px, it will remain the same pixel size (a quick reminder that you should always scale an image so you use the smallest number of pixels needed).   However, it does make the file size smaller.  So for example, it can reduce a 120kb file to 100kb by compressing the image without losing any quality.   The plugin sends your image file to Yahoo’s servers, which optimize it, and then send it back to your website.  Once you install the plugin, WP will automatically shrink every image you upload.  It also allows you to shrink previously uploaded images in your media library.  

You might be surprised at the results.  If you have professional photo editing software, you might get minimal changes.  If you don’t, you may see between a 5%-30% decrease in file size without losing any image quality.  This can really improve your load time.  

Don’t just take our word for it! Yoast, one of the authorities on Search Engine Optimization, recommends this plugin too!